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Are you looking for money for your real estate deals?  Or are you looking for solid real estate cash flow investments yourself?  You’ve come to the right place.  Join Tom Braegelmann, industry thought leader and 30+ year real estate investment expert as he discusses simple, powerful and proven investing strategies with experienced investors who have money ready to invest, and experienced investors with great real estate deals.  You will find everything you need and discover how to collaborate and work together to create amazing results.  Get practical hands on deal structuring advice, strategies and ideas that work.   


Dec 14, 2018

Damion Lupo shares 3 powerful hacks for improving our discipline to accomplish the things we want in life, and describes how it starts with identifying our mission and purpose.  We also discuss why having more money can be a disadvantage in real estate investing, and the importance of making conscious decisions about the people we connect with. 



1:00 - Welcoming Damion, the Real Estate Ninja, to the show and sharing some of his background including how he got his nickname. 


2:00 - More about his background and why he advocates for building a solid foundation around your why. 


4:01 - Advice for getting back to the starting point and identifying your mission or purpose. 


5:55 - What Damion’s business model is and how he works with clients. 


7:47 - Why having more money can be a disadvantage in investing. 


9:35 - 3 powerful things for changing mindsets. 


11:59 - The importance of making conscious decisions about the people you connect with and how to connect with the right people by focusing on serving others. 


13:56 - Damion’s approach to mentoring people and why he doesn’t do it so much. 


14:54 - Background on Damion’s book, The Quick & Dirty Guide To Gold and Silver. 


16:44 - More information and some advantages on QRP. 


18:15 - More of Damion’s background and how he got into real estate. 


20:12 - How discipline factors into his life. 


21:54 - Damion’s hack for improving your discipline. 


23:31 - Connecting with Damion and getting more information. 


24:33 - Damion’s parting advice. 



Resources and Links Mentioned: 


Damion’s books including The Reinvented Life and The Quick & Dirty Guide To Gold and Silver 


Qualified Retirement Plan 


Robert Kiyosaki 


Fiat money 


Download Damion’s QRP report by texting “QRP” to 72000 


Buckminster Fuller 


Contact Tom at or 


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