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Nov 7, 2017

Business and personal coach Mary Beltrami shares insight on framing struggles as neither good nor bad and taking an honest look at how we can grow from them. By differentiating between discomfort and being in a bad situation, and understanding the 5 stages of grief, we are able to move toward our goal much quicker.  When we take the story out of our situation it gives us a more clear vision of where our challenges are coming from and how to overcome them. 



1:26 - Welcoming Mary Beltrami to the show and giving some background on how she and Tom know each other. 


2:52 - Background on her coaching practice working with over 1000 clients. 


3:43 - How Mary works with clients to get going when they’re feeling stuck. 


5:11 - Seeing herself and her own struggles in her clients and using that as a basis for helping. 


6:02 - Framing struggles as neither good nor bad and taking an honest look at how you can grow from them. 


8:22 - Differentiating between discomfort and being in a bad situation. 


9:32 - Mary’s example of transitioning out of stuckness for herself. 


13:23 - Defining the five stages of grief and what effect knowing about them during grieving can have. 


16:13 - How Mary implemented a pattern interrupt in the form of a master cleanse. 


20:38 - Tom’s experience with the cleanse and the effects Mary experienced with it. 


23:03 - The importance of a total commitment to ambitious goals and how that plays into Mary’s coaching practice. 


24:21 - Mary’s tips for building your accountability muscle; her example of a client she’s working with on accountability right now. 


28:45 - Using these accountability approaches to break out of a downward spiral and get to the next level; the roles of limiting beliefs in reinforcing stuck behavior. 


31:02 - The importance of having a clear vision, or a big why, and how that helps make a path forward. 


35:43 - Having an awareness of needing to progress and taking a forward movement towards it, no matter how small. 


36:42 - Building an accountability practice with either a coach or an accountability partner. 


40:00 - Taking the story out of accountability to avoid rationalizing. 


42:44 - The value, but not necessity, of having your accountability partner also wanting to be held accountable. 


44:06 - Mary’s recommendations: morning routines and The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. 


47:38 - Contacting Mary. 


Resources and Links Mentioned: 

Five Stages of Grief 

The Master Cleanse 

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod 


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