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Bank Free Blueprint

Are you looking for money for your real estate deals?  Or are you looking for solid real estate cash flow investments yourself?  You’ve come to the right place.  Join Tom Braegelmann, industry thought leader and 30+ year real estate investment expert as he discusses simple, powerful and proven investing strategies with experienced investors who have money ready to invest, and experienced investors with great real estate deals.  You will find everything you need and discover how to collaborate and work together to create amazing results.  Get practical hands on deal structuring advice, strategies and ideas that work.   


Aug 29, 2017

George Flint shares his experience, knowledge and advice on the power of collaboration and getting your projects funded. Get practical, hands on advice when it comes to doing successful deals and learn about the process of presenting your deals for greater success.

Aug 25, 2017

This episode’s guest Jim Licata shares his analogy of a canary in a cage and how it applies to transitions into full time investing  and life in general.  We also discuss Puerto Rico real estate investments and inefficient markets.

Aug 22, 2017

In today’s episode I talk with Wallace Wong as we walk through different possible options on a “book of business” project Wallace is working on.  We talk about back-to-back funding, bridge funding, seller carry-back, wrap mortgages, and the mechanics of mezzanine financing.  We also touch...

Aug 18, 2017

Donna Mixon shares her story of her path to success.  From her start in real estate working for someone else to building her own custom home construction company, and eventually becoming a private money lender. Donna has an amazing amount of really valuable advice for anyone looking to build their team as well as anyone...

Aug 15, 2017

Learn from expert private lender Edwin Epperson as he shares his advice on starting the conversation and building trust when teaming up with private money investors. Discover the importance of organization, preparation, knowing your numbers and making sure they work.  Edwin shares his experience as a US Army...