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Are you looking for money for your real estate deals?  Or are you looking for solid real estate cash flow investments yourself?  You’ve come to the right place.  Join Tom Braegelmann, industry thought leader and 30+ year real estate investment expert as he discusses simple, powerful and proven investing strategies with experienced investors who have money ready to invest, and experienced investors with great real estate deals.  You will find everything you need and discover how to collaborate and work together to create amazing results.  Get practical hands on deal structuring advice, strategies and ideas that work.   


Dec 19, 2017

If you are thinking about getting started in the note buying business Scott Carson, expert trainer and coach from talks about the nuts and bolts of the note buying business. Scott has been dealing directly with banks and hedge funds in buying bulk packages of notes and splitting them off for investors to participate.  Learn what Scott recommends for those getting started in notes. 


0:55 - Welcoming Scott to the show and introducing his business, We Close Notes. 

1:30 - Tom’s experience going through one of Scott’s courses and how the courses have evolved over time. 

3:00 - Details on making the transition from live events to digital events and getting a 95% attendance ratio. 

6:28 - How he marketed and planned the events. 

8:01 - Background on Scott’s podcast and videos. 

9:52 - What his plans and goals are for the show. 

11:53 - Who Scott primarily works with and his audience. 

13:01 - The experience Scott has in this field that helps his credibility and some background on his process. 

14:38 - Addressing the common objections to working with performing and non-performing notes. 

16:19 - Recommendations for those getting started in notes. 

18:44 - Nuts and bolts things involved with Scott’s courses. 

20:26 - Checking out information  about the webinars - Text “night” to 72000 to get a link to register for webinars. 

21:19 - The new fund that Scott is working on now. 

23:43 - The scope of opportunity and the success of some of hi previous students. 

24:31 - Other passions Scott has. 

25:42 - Where he sees himself and the business in 5 years. 

26:58 - Contacting Scott.

Resources and Links Mentioned: 

We Close Notes 

Zoom video conferencing 

Text “night” to 72000 to get a link to register for webinars. 





Scott’s podcast - The Note Closers Show 

Home Affordable Modification Program 

Make a Wish Foundation 

Toys For Tots 

Contact Scott at 

Contact Tom at or