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Jan 11, 2019

Getting higher returns on real estate investments is great but what about the benefits we can bring through socially responsible investing?  Join me as I speak with Richard Muller, lead architect of the Turtles First beach front vacation villas in Playa Grande, Costa Rica.


1:08 - Welcoming Richard to the show and giving some background on his involvement in the Turtles First project. 


2:12 - Information on the project and its environmental orientation. 


2:56 - What makes this project and location unique. 


3:50 - Describing the buffer area near the project and what considerations they’re taking to help the environment with this project. 


6:17 - How the project development started and what else they’re looking to do in order to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. 


8:49 - The typical clientele Richard works with and his firm’s specialties. 


10:02 - Working with the project all the way through the process and how Richard talks with international investors. 


12:50 - Getting in contact with Richard. 


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