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Nov 28, 2018

In this episode we discuss how prime real estate is being developedto protect and enhance wildlife next to an internationally acclaimed wildlife sanctuary.  Learn why Costa Ricais on the radar of so many international investors, and how you can support the Leatherback Turtle conservation efforts. 

Show Notes

1:10 - Welcoming Arthur back to the show and getting some background on one of his current projects in Costa Rica, Turtles First. 


3:07 - Arthur’s background and how he got involved with international investing. 


5:40 - More information on Turtles First and the business model. 


9:31 - What the experience for guests could look like with this project and how they might interact with wildlife. 


12:38 - How the project is being developed in order to protect the wildlife and some of the biggest threats to the animals. 


16:29 - What the experience for investors could look like. 


19:11 - The current status of the project and what the timeline is expected to be. 


21:29 - Addressing concerns about execution for projects in Costa Rica. 


23:24 - Comparing the industry culture of Costa Rica to smaller markets in the US. 


24:26 - Details on the permitting process and building standards. 


26:05 - Some of the biggest concerns Arthur has heard from investors and how he’s addressing them as well as rough numbers on the entire project. 


29:25 - Other details on standards of living and crime in Costa Rica. 


32:48 - How to get more information on the project and other environmental resources. 


36:55 - Details on the Turtles First website and Arthur’s advice for overcoming any fear in investing in Costa Rica. 


39:39 - How to reach Arthur directly. 


40:35 - Arthur’s last words about Costa Rica. 



Resources and Links Mentioned: 

Turtles First (password: here2preview) 

Kensington Fund 

Park City, Utah 

Arthur’s other Costa Rican property, Casa de Luz 

World Happiness Report 


Contact Arthur:  


Phone: (408) 482-1708  

Contact Tom at or 

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