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Are you looking for money for your real estate deals?  Or are you looking for solid real estate cash flow investments yourself?  You’ve come to the right place.  Join Tom Braegelmann, industry thought leader and 30+ year real estate investment expert as he discusses simple, powerful and proven investing strategies with experienced investors who have money ready to invest, and experienced investors with great real estate deals.  You will find everything you need and discover how to collaborate and work together to create amazing results.  Get practical hands on deal structuring advice, strategies and ideas that work.   


Oct 31, 2017

Ryan Pineda, a health coach with Pineda Health shares quick and easy tips and techniques for making the shift to reducing stress and living a healthier lifestyle.  What are superfoods? What about mineral and nutrient needs?  And why would you want to reduce, and even cut out wheat all together?  Learn the secrets of what you can start on immediately to reduce your stress. Ryan even offers a free 15-20 minute consultation call by going to 


1:22 - Introducing Ryan and what today’s show is about. 


3:02 - Simple first steps towards better health that Ryan sees and how he helps busy professionals. 


5:18 - Tom’s experience with making smoothies and the video he made. 


7:54 - Some additional reasons Ryan likes to recommend smoothies to people. 


8:53 - Defining superfoods and some examples. 


10:15 - Why it can be difficult to make shifts into a healthier lifestyle. 


12:59 - How addictive sugar is and the effects it can have on your body; cutting through all the information available on being healthy. 


15:16 - The mindset shifts Tom has made around the timing of meals based on growing up on a farm. 


18:04 - Ryan’s suggestion to fast in the morning and push the first meal of the day later into the morning. 


19:08 - The role drinking water can play, especially in the morning; keeping meal times “in a bubble.” 


20:27 - Tom’s experiment involving minerals and vitamins for plants when he was working in landscaping and how it relates to human needs for nutrients; Ryan’s recommendations for some essential minerals and nutrients. 


24:10 - Foods and supplements for addressing general mineral and nutrient needs. 


27:32 - Next steps that Ryan would recommend for weight loss. 


30:34 - Tips for sustaining some of these changes, like reducing and cutting out wheat. 


32:16 - Ryan’s quick tips for stress relief - meditation and breathing exercises. 


37:08 - Consistencies he’s found in helping people in office settings to relieve stress. 


38:58 - Some resources Ryan finds helpful. 


41:29 - Contacting Ryan through, free 15-20 minute consultation call. 



Resources and Links Mentioned: 


Ryan’s Website 


Organifi superfoods (get 15% off with discount code “RYAN”) 


Top 10 superfoods (free download)  


Calm Magnesium supplement 










Contact Ryan at 


Contact Tom at or