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Mar 13, 2018

Discover how practicing gratitude and intentional action, as well as having a strong accountability partner can be exactly what you need to take you from a state of inertia and procrastination into committed action.  

Founder of Unstoppable Heart Coaching, Expert Transformational Life Coach Diane Byron gives simple, yet powerful techniques to help you clarify your vision and goals so you can achieve the results you’ve always wanted.  

Are events from your past holding you back?  Try Diane’s powerful “Write and Burn”  journaling exercise. It’s time to take back control of your finances and your life, and Diane’s expert advice will help you get there.   


0:47 - Introducing the topic for today and welcoming Diane to the show. 


1:39 - Diane’s advice when people have challenges holding them back. 


3:20 - Focusing on how things feel, even in more analytical situations, and using that as motivation. 


4:34 - Diane’s story of selling her house and moving to California. 


6:13 - The value of having a clear vision of your goal and actively visualizing it; Diane’s background as a nurse in the Navy and some of the challenges she’s faced in her life. 


7:51 - Her approach to thinking about the health problems she’s conquered; the benefits to asking for help. 


9:49 - How she describes the practices of gratitude and intentional actions. 


12:21 - Advice for being present in your own life. 


14:15 - How Diane works with her clients to clarify their vision and goals. 


18:00 - Exercises and more advice for being present. 


20:53 - Dealing with inertia or procrastination and having a strong accountability partner. 


26:23 - The biggest challenges Diane sees with her clients. 


27:34 - Diane’s “write and burn” exercise for journaling. 


29:01 - Reaching out to Diane and getting her free ebook and videos. 


31:00 - Wrapping up today’s conversation and Diane’s parting advice. 


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