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Bank Free Blueprint

Are you looking for money for your real estate deals?  Or are you looking for solid real estate cash flow investments yourself?  You’ve come to the right place.  Join Tom Braegelmann, industry thought leader and 30+ year real estate investment expert as he discusses simple, powerful and proven investing strategies with experienced investors who have money ready to invest, and experienced investors with great real estate deals.  You will find everything you need and discover how to collaborate and work together to create amazing results.  Get practical hands on deal structuring advice, strategies and ideas that work.   


Jul 28, 2017

Discover why truly successful communication starts with knowing which personality style we are interacting with and why often times this can be more important to success than the actual topic at hand! Real estate fund manager Alex Arriaga, shares his passion and expertise in reading and understanding people’s...

Jul 25, 2017

Join us as Mat Shafer shows us how to use BETDAR (Belief, Emotion, Thoughts - Decision, Action, Results)  to create the life of abundance that we want and deserve. Discover what is holding you back and how you can take your real estate investing business to the next level with these tips and exercises. It’s time to...

Jul 21, 2017

Financing your residential development, new construction projects with a unique rotating funding model, Contaminated Site Remediation.  Join private money investor Lee Brownell and Tom Braegelmann as they share their expertise on financing structures and risk mitigation.

Jul 18, 2017

Listen to my interview with Brandon Braegelmann, my son and Project Manager for our Puerto Rico business Kensington Fund.  In the interview we discuss a deal Brandon found, how to finance, re-hab and sell the property successfully.

Jul 9, 2017

Today I speak with Ramon, a State of Arizona representative for several years who has recently begun the path of private lending or trusted investing.  Hear Ramon's strategies behind his first deal; structuring a partnership, having a checklist, staying connected and more.  See why Ramon says, "We as people don't grow...